For Immediate Release: June 20, 2016

Contact: Yu-kuang Chou,




London, UK – Temple Intimates, Ltd., a London-based luxury lingerie brand, this week announced they will unveil their first line of lingerie for the Pre Collection 2017 at Mode City Lyon. Yu-kuang Chou, Founder and Creative director of Temple Intimates, Ltd., pursued the fashion collection to develop a lingerie line that focuses on making women look sophisticated, classy and sexy.


“Too many lingerie lines out there focus on comfort and versatility over the element of design,” said Chou. “Temple Intimates pursues a more rich, diverse experience of lingerie where women feel confident and desirable. Lingerie in itself is a work of art, and it’s time a line of the highest sophistication be available for women today.”


The lingerie designs are made by award-winning French Designer Florence Bonnefon, who studied fashion at Atelier Chardon Savard, worked previously as a designer at Martin Magella and Costume National, and designed 5 years of her own successful lingerie label. She has partnered with Temple Intimates as head Designer to collaborate with their vision of world-class lingerie for attainable pricing.


“Women will feel classy but sexy, and confident with our lingerie line,” said Bonnefon. “The aim was to incorporate the highest class of design for all women wishing to unleash their inner goddess.”

Temple Intimates products are produced in the country with the longest lingerie history, France, while utilising carefully sourced handmade lace fabrics from Caudry, France.


“We’re here to help women feel as sexy as possible while maintaining their inner sophistication,” said Chou. “Our line will fit women better than any clothing item they’ve ever owned. Invest in confidence by investing in our ground-breaking, detailed luxury lingerie line to showcase next year.”


The collection consists of Deep Lagoon, Midnight Black and Ivory pieces. The finished products are recognisable by signature rose gold details.


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